Mask History and Origin

Masks are a part of human culture for centuries. They were used for sacred purposes and for profane, sometimes in the same time. They also had more or less practical use. Learn more about history of masks.

African Mask

History of African Masks

African culture used masks in rituals from the earliest days of human civilization. They are the most commonly used for purpose of communicating with spirits and bringing them in our plane. Learn more about African masks.

Tutankhamun Mask

History of Egyptian Masks

Ancient Egypt had a characteristic relation with masks. Because of ubiquity of religion and its mysteriousness masks were practically used as a method for transformation from mundane to the divine. Read more about history of Egyptian Masks.

Topeng Dance Mask

History of Dance Masks

Topeng dance is one of many applications of masks in the human life. It is a traditional dance drama that is played in Indonesia and tells a variety of stories. Read more about topeng dance history and facts.

Korean Masks

History of Korean Masks

Korean masks have colorful and interesting history. From shamanic tools to theatrical props, they were unavoidable parts of life in Korea. Find more about korean masks and how they were used.

Venetian Carnival Masks

History of Venetian Masks

One of the things for which the Venice is famous is Carnival in Venice. One of the things Carnival in Venice is famous are masks. Learn more about history of Venetian carnival masks.

Chinese Mask

History of Chinese Masks

Chinese masks are one of the major characteristics of Chinese culture and have important place in it. Their history is long and they are still used today in almost the same roles they had for thousand years. Read more about chinese masks history and facts here.

Stone Mask